Agromix Tomato Special

Agromix Tomato Special

Growth Promoter & Micro-nutrients ktm Rs. 185.00 per 250 ml Rs. 190.00
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Zinc: 7.00%

Boron: 2.00%

Molybdenum: 0.20%

Calcium: 5.00%

Iron: 2.00%

Magnesium: 2.00%


Application and Benefits:

Apply AGRI MIX TOMATO SPECIAL at pre-flowering stage. This will result in profuse production of flower and prevents flower drop dut to adverse climatic conditions.

Beneficial for early or late variety of crops.

Increase pollination.

Helps in the production of different types of Auxin in the plant body to protect fruit dropping.

Enhances resistance towards bacterial, Viral, nematodes and fungal pathogens.

Reduces blossom end rot.

Improves solid mass in the fruit, color, and taste

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