General Liquid

General Liquid

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General Liquid is a balanced multi Micronutrient liquid fertilizer containing all micronutrients in balanced and in an seasily absorbable form, This product is suitable for all field, horticulture and plantation crops, Multiplex General liquid helps in proper utilization of applied NPK Fertilizer, Multiplex General The liquid is compatible with commonly used Pesticides and Fungicides.


Zinc: 5.00

IRON: 0.50

Boron: 0.50%

Molybdenum: 0.02%

Manganese: 0.20%

Copper: 0.50%

Direction for use:

Dissolve 250 ml of Multiplex General Liquid in 100 liters of water and spray on both the surface of leaves.

Repeat the spray once in 25-30 days.

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