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Product Name: Agrizyme

Brand Name: Agricare

Company Name: Agricare Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Size/SKU: 100ml

Applicable: All Kind of Crops

Variety: Chemical

Chemical Name: Cytokinin, Auxin Precursor, Enzymes & Micronutrients. Added hydrolyzed protein.

Dose: 1.5 ml/Liter

When to use: Paddy, Wheat & Maize - After 20 days of transplantation,  Chilli & Tomato - after 35 days of plantation, Cabbage , Cauliflower & similar - after 8 leaves of growth stage, Capsicum, onion, beans, garlic, peas, soybean - 4 leaves stage, potato - 4 leaves stage, flowers - before 10 days of budding.

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