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Coco Pith Brick, Low EC Type

Fertilizer ktm,pkr Rs. 75.00 per pc (approx.650 gm)
Brand: null
Model GardeningEquipments_GA
Availability: 100063



Coco Peat is the non-fibrous, spongy, light weight, corky material that holds together the coir fiber in coconut husk. 


You can mix coco peat to the soil. Make a potting mix using soil of 35-40%, compost of 20-25 %, and coco peat of 35%. If you are directly applying coco peat in your garden, mix it with soil in a ration of 3:1. That is, use three parts of soil for one part of coco peat.


  • Cocopeat blocks and bricks can hold water efficiently
  • It is organic and biodegradable with a life span of 3-4 years.
  • It is free from pathogens, stones, weed seeds, and harmful microorganisms, thus being an apartment-friendly choice.
  • Dry coco peat can also be used as a water or oil absorbent on wet floors being a good absorbent.
  • It is a 100% naturally growing medium that is slow to decompose and biodegradable.
  • It also increases aeration and water retention, improves soil texture and productivity, reduces root disks and is less messy. 


The substance will help retain moisture, allowing aeration and oxygen supply and enhancing organic matter in the soil. Moreover, it eliminates risks of fungal attack and diseases.

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