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Jeevatu (Nepali Jhol Mal)

Fertilizer ktm Rs. 130.00 per litre
  • 1000 or more Rs. 115.00
Brand: null
Model Organic Liquid Manure
Availability: 17


Product name: Jeevatu

Variety: Organic Liquid Manure

Brand: Nepalese Natural Bio-Products Pvt. Ltd.

Size/SKU: 1 Ltr

Product Description:

  • Cheap, healthy, eco-friendly and alternative of Synthetic  pesticides
  • Available in liquid form to prevent and treat crop diseases. and uses for the organic farming system
  • It contains naturally occurring microorganisms like yeast, Trichoderma spp, penicillin spp, Aspergillus, Azotobacter spp, Lactobacillus spp.            

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