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F1 Hybrid Tomato_Pruna_SN (Tamater ko biu)

Seeds ktm,pkr Rs. 1,080.00 per 5 gm
Model Pruna(VL 443)
Availability: 999


Crop: Tomato

Variety: Pruna(VL 443)

Seed Type: F1 hybrid 

Plant Character: Indeterminate, Medium plant vigour

Company Name: Nongwoo Bio

Size/SKU: 5gm

Weight of berry: 110-120 gram

Maturity: Medium

Disease resistance: Tomato Mosaic Virus, Tomato Leaf Curl Virus, Bacterial wilt, Root knot nematode 

Recommended area: Terai and Midhills

Firmness: Very Good

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