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Alligator 9 DPE with Deep Rotary 8.71 hp Diesel engine NCA

Machinery/ Tools ktm,pkr Rs. 181,196.00 per 1 PC
Brand: null
Model Machinery_NCA
Availability: 100000009


This machine is highly recommended to carry out the weeding operations and primary cultivation for small and medium scale. Being a diesel engine of higher hp and very low fuel consumption, it is highly beneficial for farmers in terms of operational cost. This machine equipped with the electric starter motor for easy start. The machine is supplied with front rotors having a standard adjustable tilling width of 36" & 44" (inches) and optional 24" & 55" (Inches). It comes with multiple optional attachments, viz paddy wheel for wetland cultivation, deep rotary blades for breaking hard soil, potato ditcher to ditch potatoes from field, adjustable plough to loosen the soil or turn the soil, single plough to make small beds, ridger to form ridge between the rows. This machine can be fitted with a small trailer to pull the load up to one tons. This machine is also equipped with PTO Shaft having equal rpm of the engine can be used to drive water pump for pumping of water in field and also sprayer can be used to spray pesticides and other nutrients. It can also utilize in many ways from the engine direct shaft as prime mover. This machine runs in diesel fuel having fuel capacity of 5.0 liters. An extra provision of side disc is provided for proper balancing of machine Under normal operation conditions and load, fuel consumption is around 800 ml per hour **(vary operator to operator and soil condition).

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